Back again, with a new album!

Este artículo también está disponible en Español: De vuelta, ¡y con nuevo album! .

After too much time without updates... I am back again!

I finally managed to finish my new portfolio, it took me longer than expected, but I think it was worth the effort. There are some new photographs, the look is much nicier, and it is far esasier to navigate; I have also added the option to but prints (I hope it works out). But the main reason to the change is that the new version is far easiern to mantain; now I will be able to upload new material as soon as it is ready.

If you want to have a look, here is the link: Edu Pérez.

First think I have to do is update the article "Digital Photography and Linux: my Workflow"; it is now a bit obsolete, and I want to add how the album was created. I am also preparing several articles about DIY projects, and more tutorials explaining how were done the most interesting photographs from the album.


Digital Photography and Linux: my Workflow

Este artículo también está disponible en Español: Fotografía digital y Linux: flujo de trabajo.

In this article, I would like to share with you the workflow I have developed, to handle the photos I make using Linux and free software exclusively.


Aging a portrait with GIMP

Este artículo también está disponible en Español: Como envejecer un retrato.

There are countless articles available on Internet, explaining how to retouch a portrait and make somebody look younger; basically, what they do is soften the skin and remove wrinkles and other skin defects. In this article I will explain the method I employ to produce exactly the opposite result: aging a portrait. This process enhances the contrast of a photo and highlights the textures; but when applied to a portrait, the effect is that of aging the 'victim'.


Painting with light

Este artículo también está disponible en Español: Pintar con luz.

I had read on Internet about a photographic technique called 'painting with light', which can produce some amazing results. As I waited for the right opportunity to test it myself, a flower bouquet appeared at home, and presented itself as the perfect victim. A flashlight, a piece of paper, and some time later here is the result of my humble lighting experiment.


Script to make HDRs with Linux

Este artículo también está disponible en Español: Un script para hacer HDR en Linux.

In my article HDR and Linux I explained my current work-flow to make HDRs using Linux. Still on that subject, in this article I show a script I wrote to make all that process automatic with a single call.